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Join us in providing high-quality products while growing your business. Together, we can put local first in our communities. Neighbors supporting neighbors.

Why Partner with Us?

At PolkaDot Farm & Floral, we understand the importance of strong partnerships. By joining forces with us, you'll benefit from:

Free Double Marketing: If you carry our flowers, we will help you advertise on our website and social media pages.

Personal Relationships: From planting to delivery, it's just one person to talk to on our family farm. No big conglomerate or talksy sales rep. It's always Farmer Amy or Ben, and we'll be on time.

Flexible Ordering: We offer low minimums so you can try our products and sell them at a pace that makes since for your business.

Quality and Variety

We are committed to offering our customers the finest products.

If you're a wholesaler, florist, cafe, gift shop, or local grocery store looking to add local flowers to your lineup, let us help you. The first bouquet is free.

Florists may request our weekly availbility list by emailing

Knowledgable Prep

Every flower has a perfect time to be harvested and a post harvest treatment is completed to ensure the blooms last.

Fresh, not Flown

Flowers are picked within 48 hours of delivery, making them weeks fresher than imported flowers.

Quick Turn Around

We don't deliver more than an hour from where we live, so you can have flowers in hours. We might still be muddy from harvesting your product.

Spring Flowers

Third-Party Grab and Go Bouquets

From PolkaDot Farm

You Can Customize Your Size


Something Nice

Everyday Self Care

- For Your Desk

- School Event

- A Thank You

- Pick-Me-Up

One to three flower types

Wrapped Bouquet

10-15 Stems

Light/Optional Filler

Cost: $12.50-$16.50

Recommended Retail: $20-23


Pick A Price Point


And we will provide bouquets that match it.


Something Special

An Elegant Touch

- Date Night

- Dinner Party

- Just Because

I deserve This

Mixed Bouquet of Multiple

Flower Types/Premium Flowers

Elegant Wrapping/In Vase

Filler and Texture

Cost: 17.00-40.00

Recommended Retail: $26-$60

What's Growing in 2024?

Our Farm by the Numbers

7000 Tulips

1000 Fancy Narcissi

2250 Ranunculus

300 Allium

1500 Irises

500 Lilies

1000 Peonies

350 Rose Bushes

3500 Gladiolus

100 Hydreangeas

2000 Sunflowers

2000 Dahlias

100's of Annuals & Perennials






& More!

Frequently Asked Questions

Have questions? Here's our flower wholesale Q &A

What do the price ranges mean?

Each flower has an established wholesale cost and we use that cost to create a recipe to match the desired price of your orders. For example, peonies and hydrangeas cost more than tulips and carnations. When placing an order, you can either say you need a certain amount of Standard or Deluxe Bouquets, or give target price points (Usually 5, 10, or 20 dollars.) Using the named bouquet sizes helps provide the most variety and creativity on our part, however, we certainly understand if you would like a uniform selection for ease of sale. Each bouquet will be marked or banded with the wholesale price.

Alternatively, you can order loose flowers by the bucket for in-house assembly.

How do we set our prices?

We use the USDA's Boston Terminal Prices to guide our costs. This is the industry standard for wholesale flower costs in the US. We also use comps from other local wholesale companies.

How do I order?

Send us a text or email with what you need and when you'd like delivery. Phone calls are fine too, we just don't always have the best service in the fields.

What is your minimum purchase?

As a small business, we know it can be a risk to try something new. That's why we start our minimum buy at $100. Flowers are a sure bet, but we understand that cash flow is at the top of your mind.

FAQ image

Why Buy Local Flowers?

Your customers will never get flowers fresher than they get them from us. Picked within 24-48 hours of your order, we pick the flowers at the correct stage to maximize vase life. This means they will get even more beautiful as they open in your shop. We grow using organic practices and do not use the harmful and toxic sprays used on imported flowers. Buying local means neighbors are supporting neighbors.

Are there other options?

Yes, we also operate on a 20% consignment rate for flowers on display/sale at your location. The mark up is less, but this option doesn ’t require an upfront buy of flowers.

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What People are Saying

“Pleased with her creative design”

Amy is wonderful to work with! I showed her photos we found for inspiration and she helped us navigate all the different choices we had from flower varieties, sizing and prices. We were very pleased with her creative design and helping us achieve the goals we had that really fit our budget. I highly recommend checking out all the things her little micro farm offers! Thank you Amy for providing this service to our community!

Sarah T

“Produce quality is great”

Amy produces flowers and food with love. The produce quality is great. I appreciate how she shares her knowledge and experience whenever I have questions and in classes that have been teaching me all about growing food for myself. 5-stars for sure!

Jay Templeton

“Literal farm fresh flowers and produce”

Literal farm fresh flowers and produce. If you're looking for pesticide-free goodies grown with love, check this out at the farmer's market. Hi Amy - love your polka dot dresses!

Kasey Ann

“Always thrilled with what I get!”

PolkaDot Farm & Shop has always come through for me when I’ve needed flowers. The owner Amy is responsive and works well with my budget and she is super friendly. I know when I send arrangements from PolkaDot Farm that the recipient is getting something beautiful. I’ve also been the recipient of arrangements, vegetables and other items from PolkaDot Farm and I’m always thrilled with what I get!

Danielle Russell

PolkaDot Farm & Floral

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