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Celebrate Wins, Court & Thank Clients, and Amplify your Interior with Business Bouquets

What better way to thank a client or to tell a teammate that a job was well done than with a gift that also supports another, local, small buisness? If you are a relator looking to congratulate a client on the sale or purchase of a home, we suggest flowers. If you are looking to increase the appeal and comfort of your lobby or salon, flowers are also a great choice. Below is an outline of all our buisness bouquet programs.

Ways to Bring Blooms into Your Business


Thank a Client

Show your appreciation and that you know how to show a personal touch through a customized arrangement with your logo, card, and a note. Gift a subscription or individual arrangement. Works well for courting clients, too.


A Job Well Done

Local flowers are an easy way to thank a staff member for a major effort or to celebrate a success. They will feel appreciated and the reminder that you cared will liven thier space. This is a great idea in any sector, including teachers, nurses, and administration.


Realator Program

We offer flowers for open houses and showings, as well as a congratultory gift for new home owners and seller. Starting at just $25, these are a cost effective way to beautify any space. You can go through the trouble of baking cookies, or you can call us for easy delivery and set up. Options include single arrangements, subscriptions, and gift cards.


Flowers; an Employment Benefit

In today's hiring environment, it's hard to attract and retain employees. PolkaDot Farm will create a customized plan for your company that includes flower delivery on a weekly, monthly, or quarterly schedule for your employees. Consider adding a regular flower delivery as a sign-on benefit for highly sought after personnel. Farmer Amy's other job is in HR- let us show you how to do it the best!


Restaurant Service

Food and flowers go together fantastically. Level up your food establishment or cafe with flowers on your tables and in your waiting area. We offer full service and wholesale options. Pricing is per table or by the bunch, and starts at just $30 a week.


Elevate Your Salon & Spa

Luxury services should have luxury flowers. Beauty Salons, Spas, Massage Centers all should have flowers for that additional touch of ambiance. Consider a showstopper arrangement for your lobby or a few small posies strategically placed in guest areas. We can even provide fresh, organic flowers and petals to float in footbaths, soaks, and fountains. $25 and up.

Show Your Clients They Matter;

Include Flowers at Lunch

Our fresh and stylish arrangements add a touch of sophistication, and are a visual demonstration of just how good you are at taking the extra step. Elevate your corporate meeting with the natural beauty of flowers.

We offer this service as a stand-alone delivery, and we also suggest signing up for our Business Blossoms subscriptions. You will always have flowers on hand to use any way you like, including in those last minute meetings.

Best Corporate Event Flowers That Will ‘WOW’ Your Guests

Business Blossoms Subscriptions & Events

Weekly Corporate Blooms

Fresh bouquets are delivered every week.

A diverse subscription of seasonal flowers carefully curated for a stunning and ever-changing display.

$35-50 per week

Monthly Executive Bouquets

Elegant bouquets delivered once a month

Luxurious blooms, selected to complement your space with sophistication and style. A great perk for key employees.

$100 per month

The Grand Entrance

Your lobby at sets the tone for your customers visit with you. We offer a premium arrangement that is tall and full of lushious, next level flowers. This is a great item for a public building, hotel, spa, or office.

$225+ per arrangement.

Order as needed or on a schedule of your choice

Customized Special Events

Tailored to your specific corporate events.

Personalized floral designs to suit the theme and ambiance of your special occasions, conferences, or meetings.

Custom pricing based on event requirements

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the delivery schedule for Business Blossoms subscriptions?

Delivery day depends on location. For our Weekly Corporate Blooms, aim to fresh bouquets delivered every Monday or Tuesday. Monthly Executive Bouquets are delivered during the first business week of each month. Customized Special Events follow a schedule tailored to your specific requirements.

Can I customize the flower arrangements to match our brand colors or office aesthetic?

Absolutely! Business Blossoms values customization. You can specify color preferences and style requirements when you sign up, ensuring that the floral arrangements harmonize perfectly with your brand or office decor.

What payment methods are accepted for Business Blossoms subscriptions?

We accept major credit cards, including Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover. We also accept Venmo, PayPal, or cash. For buisness clients, we also offer invoicing options for a seamless payment process.

Is there a commitment period for the subscription service?

Our subscriptions are flexible, but we ask that you sign up for 4 deliveries at a time. This helps us plan our growing season and staffing needs. You can adjust or pause your subscription based on your business needs. Most clients have an idea of what the upcoming month will look like, and 4 weeks is an easy commitment. If your business has an ebb and flow nature, no worries! You cansign up for the subscription but have the flowers delivered on demand.

Can I skip a delivery or change my subscription frequency?

Certainly! We understand that business needs can vary. You can easily manage your subscription by contacting us. Skip a delivery, change the frequency, or make adjustments as needed.

Are there additional charges for delivery?

Our subscription prices include free delivery to your business address within our general delivery area. Special Events may require a special delivery and sey up fee. We strive to make the experience convenient and transparent for our valued customers. We also offer farm pickup if you are local to us.

Can I get a preview of the flowers before they are delivered?

While we don't provide specific previews, you can trust our experienced florists to create stunning arrangements. Our commitment is to deliver high-quality, fresh flowers that exceed your expectations.

What areas do you currently service for Business Blossoms subscriptions?

Our subscription service is available in the following areas: Lacey, Olympia, Tumwater, McCleary, Elma, Brady, Montesano, Cosmopolis, Central Park, Aberdeen, Hoquiam, Ocean Shores, Westport, Pacific Beach, and Seabrook. If your location is not currently listed, please reach out to our customer support for personalized assistance and to explore potential arrangements for your area. We may be able to deliver to your location with some additional accomodations.

Have more questions?

Feel free to contact our customer support team for any further inquiries or assistance.


What People are Saying

“Pleased with her creative design”

Amy is wonderful to work with! I showed her photos we found for inspiration and she helped us navigate all the different choices we had from flower varieties, sizing and prices. We were very pleased with her creative design and helping us achieve the goals we had that really fit our budget. I highly recommend checking out all the things her little micro farm offers! Thank you Amy for providing this service to our community!

Sarah T

“Produce quality is great”

Amy produces flowers and food with love. The produce quality is great. I appreciate how she shares her knowledge and experience whenever I have questions and in classes that have been teaching me all about growing food for myself. 5-stars for sure!

Jay Templeton

“Literal farm fresh flowers and produce”

Literal farm fresh flowers and produce. If you're looking for pesticide-free goodies grown with love, check this out at the farmer's market. Hi Amy - love your polka dot dresses!

Kasey Ann

“Always thrilled with what I get!”

PolkaDot Farm & Shop has always come through for me when I’ve needed flowers. The owner Amy is responsive and works well with my budget and she is super friendly. I know when I send arrangements from PolkaDot Farm that the recipient is getting something beautiful. I’ve also been the recipient of arrangements, vegetables and other items from PolkaDot Farm and I’m always thrilled with what I get!

Danielle Russell

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