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Cultivated with Care

Every dream starts somewhere. For Farmers Amy and Ben, it was in a basement apartment with two toddlers. We dreamt of a place our children could run around, play with dogs, and have a supportive community. We found that in Montesano, WA. We changed 2.5 acres of sterile grass to a thriving farm and healthy ecosystem. We now farm every inch of our oddly shaped plot, and shape the future of those around us through volunteerism, healthy produce, & of course beautiful flowers.

About Us

Farmers Amy Donahue and Ben Lundquist own and operate PolkaDot Farm & Floral as they raise thier two small children, two dogs, and four cats in Montesano, WA. Amy is the primary face of the farm, and Ben jokes that he's the professional hole digger.

Our farm is located in a rural-residental neighborhood, about 5 minutes from town. Everything is planted and harvested by hand (sometimes very little hands) and delivered with love. Sometimes deliveries have included a toddler in the the back seat of our farm vehicle, loaded up with coloring supplies and snacks. 148 Glenn Lane is our little corner of the world were we can be outside as much as we want, & find the balance that only a bit of good dirt can bring.

Community & Volunteerism

We moved onto our farm at the height of COVID. Any move can leave you feeling adrift. This was especially true in the height of the pandemic.

The first people we met were at the Montesano Saturday Morning Farmer's Market. They welcomed and encouraged our dreams. We also met a coffee shop owner that let us use thier location for our first pop up. Our introduction to our little town showed us that community matters here, and we are delighted to support it in turn.

At PolkaDot Farm & Floral, community is our foundation. Farmer Amy is a leader of a local Girl Scout troop, sharing the wonders of sustainable agriculture on our vibrant farm.

We serve on the board for non-profits that plan local markets, and help with a community garden for people in Section 8 housing in Aberdeen. We are vendors at many events, and Amy teaches classes for budding gardeners.

We supply flowers for kids, celebrating thier acting debuts, school awards, and first days.

We are a member of the Chamber of Commerce. We will support your non-profit with a donation.

Join us in cultivating connections, one crop at a time.

PolkaDot Farm & Floral

In the Spotlight

Featured in Local Newspaper 3 months in a Row!

Interviewed for State-Wide publication

PolkaDot Farm & Floral

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