Welcome to Our Farm

We strive to be the best flowers, produce and eggs in Grays Harbor, WA and near Montesano. If you like variety, please consider joining our CSA. We make the most of our 2.5 acres, always being careful to be good stewards of the land buy using organically-minded growing practices. 

We specialize in heirloom and speciality varieties of produce for farmer’s markets, resturants, and our CSA Shareholders. We also provide flowers and arrangements for events, restaurants and florists. You may not have heard of the varieties we are bringing to the market, but you’ll remember how they look and taste. If you see us at the Montesano Farmer’s Market, you’ll also discover great vintage finds and wonderful gifts.

We started selling in Summer 2021, and are always expanding.

We are currently serving our community in the greater Olympia and Gray’s Harbor County areas.

Heirloom & Organic

If you are new to gardening, you probably hear the word heirloom and think of your grandma’s pearls. Well, chances are your grandmother probably had a few family seeds as well. Heirloom means a plant that’s been passed on through families and communities through time, and that’s what we specialize in at PolkaDot farm. Purple beans? Check. Green Chile from New Mexico? Check. Thai eggplant? Check. 100 year old ultra-local apply variety? We have it.

Who wants to eat the same old stuff all the time?  Who want chemicals in their food? We sure don’t. We live on our farm, any anything we put on a plant goes right into the water that our children drink from our well. We only use products meant for organic gardening and are OMNI cerified on our produce.